Our team

Roland Andersson
Chairman & founder

Professor of surgery, Faculty of Medicine at Lund University. He is founder of Reccan Diagnostics AB, as well as other biotech companies. Extensive research and clinical experience.

György Marko-Varga

Professor and head of the division of clinical protein science and imaging at Lund University, professor at Tokyo Medical University in Japan. He has more than twenty years of experience from Big Pharma, patent applications, novel technological platforms and biobanking.

Daniel ansari.jpg
Daniel Ansari 

Researcher at Lund University, as well as doctor at Skåne University Hospital.  He has extensive research experience in the field of pancreatic cancer, with special focus on translational research and biomarkers.

Christine Widstrand

Christine Widstrand is Executive Vice President at LU Innovation System AB and responsible for the Life Science portfolio. She holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Lund University. With a background as CEO and founder of several Biotech Companies.

Christer Fåhraeus 

CEO of EQL Pharma AB and a serial entrepreneur, having founded and developed several successful companies in biotech and engineering. He is Chairman of the board of FlatFrog Laboratories AB, Longboat explorers AB and Respiratorius, as well as board member in CellaVision AB and EQL Pharma AB.

Kirsten Søndersted-Olsen

Graduated as an executive MBA, originally trained as Export Technician. She has worked with strategic and tactical marketing in the medical devices and IVD business for more than 20 years.